Monday, June 27, 2011


So I’ve heard such wonderful things about the Badia from my good friend Jer Bear, so of course I was so excited to visit. (insert sarcasm) However, to its credit, it wasn’t that bad. Our first destination was the beit alsh3r. Here I felt like mosquitos were all over me. I tried to limit the amount of time my mouth was open so I didn’t end up eating all of them. We learned where the guest sits, how we are served coffee, and how to tell someone we are done with our coffee.  From there we visited the camels! These camels were huge compared to the ones I saw at Petra. These camels didn’t have saddles, but I tried to ride one anyway. It was actually really fun. They get them on the ground and you just chill on the edge of their back and hold on tight to their hair. After that, we visited the female camels. These girls were less scary. They didn’t make loud, obnoxious noises to warn of attack.  I didn’t ride these ones, but I was able to get a lot closer to their faces and pet them. A guy that was our guide told my professor; ‘I like Kaiti, she’s very durable.’ After a few laughs from Ralph who said durable is used for washing machines and such...He helped him find the words; daring and adventurous. So apparently I’m durable. Good to know. We also went to a volcano site. That night we enjoy chicken, potatoes, and carrots that were cooked underground. I like how open and 
widespread the Badia is and the people were very friendly. It was a very successful trip.

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  1. I honestly feel like durable is an appropriate complement for you :)