Wednesday, May 25, 2011

belly fat ladies

The other day I met two women who I like to call the belly fat ladies. Janae and I were going to a salon that we like to get her hair cut. Sadly, the lady she wanted to cut her hair was gone. So we decided to go to another salon nearby. As I walked in and took one look at the establishment and the women inside, I knew that it was going to get weird. These two women were probably around 50. The first one was wearing a tight red tank top that ended above her belly button; Tight, low rise skinny jeans that did not fit. Black fish net something or other between her pants and shirt, (it was like a net to hold her belly fat in?..didn’t quite understand that one) and oddly I found it interesting that she was wearing socks with heel wedges that were about an inch smaller than her feet. The second woman was wearing a blue tank top that went to her belly button with tight, low sweats. She too was wearing shoes too small for her as she stood on the back heel of them. This one would put a bunch of make up on and then take it all of off, to apply another different coat on that was equally unflattering. A friend of theirs sat in the corner with her baby smoking a hookah. As smoke clouded my view of Janae getting her haircut I awaited the arrival of these women’s pimps. We left just in time, because they never came. 

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