Wednesday, May 25, 2011

venting machine

So, as wonderful as Jordan is, there are some things that aren’t so much. I can deal with not taking a shower every day and wearing clothes that I wouldn’t wear unless I was an extra in a golden girl’s episode. That’s all fine and dandy, but I don’t like that everywhere I go EVERYONE looks at me. It’s super annoying. Smiling and talking in English increases my chances of guys whistling of making rude comments, so I walk quickly and stare at the ground whenever I’m in my neighborhood. I feel kindof invisible sometimes and that I have to lose part of myself just so I can walk down the street safely. Transportation is sometimes stressful. Even opening my mouth to speak Arabic can be stressful. Work can be emotionally exhausting. And at the end of the day while walking up three flights of stairs I think, why do I have live on the third floor!

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean the other day in a new theatre on Rainbow Street. It was nice to hear and understand English. I think I seriously forgot that I was in Jordan, because I was surprised at the shukran that came out of my mouth as I was leaving. I was like ‘oh ya, I’m in Jordan….that’s cool.’

However, the simple cure is Diet Pepsi, a good laugh, fleet foxes, and/or a nap. J

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  1. I felt invisible a lot. sometime i felt like i wasn't a real adult. i never got whistled at too much but boy did i feel ignored.