Wednesday, May 25, 2011

west side story

So this past weekend I explored the West side of Amman. On Friday, we went to Souq Gara on Rainbow Street. Every week people set up booths selling beautiful art and jewelry, amongst handmade accessories and food. Afterwards, there is a concert.  The vibe there is totally different than in the balid. Basically, all the hip people hang out on Rainbow Street and the west side. On Saturday, we went to the first, second, third and seventh circles, along with c-town and the city mall. I bought some supplies I needed to teach my classes in the first circle. At the second circle, I was introduced to my first shuarme at Reem’s. It was delicious. I love that shuarme is different every place I go to.  I haven’t decided which is better yet. However, I did find my new favorite thing; Fruit Salad. The first thing you see when you walk in is 15 beautiful pictures on the wall displaying various ways to combine every fruit imaginable and flavored ice-cream in huge glass vases. It was wonderful. A new goal of mine for this summer is to try every single one. One  down, 13 to go! C-town in the seventh circle is a good place to buy familiar pharmacy supplies. I’ve also noted that it’s the only place I can buy Diet Pepsi cans in bulk. The city mall is super expensive and has a lovely grocery store inside for basically anyone who wants to buy American brands of ingredients and food. Overall, I like that I live in the old city so I can appreciate both worlds. 

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