Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ya salamti!

So I’ve been pressured and inspired by the women here in Jordan, along with my roomies. I willingly accompanied them on a ‘let’s go try out this waxing place’ adventure. I got my arms waxed. Didn’t hurt too bad. Nbd. I also got my lower legs waxed to try it out. I should have known better. I know that I have sensitive legs and most of the time they can’t handle shaving. Tmi I know, but it’s true and everybody knows it. Basically it hurt like a mother. It hurt the worst on the ankles and the mean wax lady was not gentle; the pain just kept coming and coming, and didn’t stop for a long time. I’m never doing it again. I’ll take razor burn that last an hour than two days, any day. 

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  1. my roommates had a blast though. apparently i make funny faces when im in pain.