Wednesday, May 25, 2011

عيد الاستقلال

So…65 years ago today, Britain asked the UN to end the British Mandate rule in Transjordan and King Abdullah became king. We celebrated Jordan’s independence today! First, we went to a restaurant by Gabal Hussein and had some shuarme, then walked to an easy green for some kunafe. Traffic was crazy because roads were blocked for the parade. As we ate, military planes flew by in formation. Jordan flags were everywhere, so I bought one. I panicked when I realized I’d be outside all day and I had forgotten to put on sunscreen. My poor little nose always gets sunburned. I found the nearest pharmacy who was selling it for 17 JD. Sorry nose, you weren’t worth it. Then we headed near the bridge where we saw a platform where music was being played and people were everywhere. Fancy guys in fancy matching outfits were dancing. To my surprise I found aussie and skye standing on the platform. I headed over there and chilled with the group of people waiting for the parade. The music was loud and everyone was cheering for the king and dancing with each other. Skye joined in on the dancing and it was hilarious. I was proud. Military groups walked by, along with dudes on horses and camels. Little kids danced in the street. We hung out there about two hours awaiting the appearance of the king and queen. When they did come, they were in black shaded cars going about 40 miles an hour. So, I didn’t see them. Lamesauce. Later that night, we went to a restaurant in the balid for fruit drinks. It was an exciting celebration. I think I like it better than screeching fireworks and bbq. Long live the king! Eysh, eysh, eysh!

check out the pic! pretty sweet! ill post pics from today on fb soon.

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